If you have looked at buying a home recently, you know there are a LOT of different loan programs out there. And, most of them are available through any lender you choose.

There is, however, one loan program that you CANNOT get from a bank, or mortgage broker. And for many Wyoming residents, it could be the answer to making home ownership a reality. 

 Let me introduce you to RD Direct.

Is RD Direct for me?

The only way to tell for sure is to complete an application, but if any of the following apply to you, then an RD loan may be the answer:

  1. You have been previously turned down for a loan because you don't have enough credit history.
  2. You rent and wish you could buy, but don't have a huge down payment.
  3. You have good credit (or no credit), but your income has previously limited what you could buy.
  4. You were previously approved for a loan, but you couldn't find anything that fit your needs for the amount you qualified for. 

What is it?

Also known as the USDA Section 502 Direct Loan Program, the RD Direct program has been a significant contributor in providing the citizens of Wyoming the opportunity to purchase their dream home – many for the first time. RD Direct continues to offer affordable mortgages and other resource assistance to aid homeowners in their buying experience.